Tributyl Phosphate

Tributyl Phosphate

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Assisted ourselves with an expert and dedicated team of personnel, we have been engrossed in the arena of bringing forward for our patrons a comprehensive variety of Tributyl Phosphate. Broadly acknowledged and recommended owing to its elevated shelf life and perfect formulation; this offered array is highly treasured. Besides Tributyl phosphate (TBP), we assure dispatching these to our patrons amid the assured span of time. Tributyl Phosphate finds its applications in the processed foods industry, especially in meat and vegetable preservation and processing, pet food and animal feeds, bakery, milk and milk-based products, cereals and toothpaste manufacture. All our products find numerous technical applications in different industry. We are an eminent Importer & Supplier of Tributyl Phosphate in India. We are in this industry since 1986.

It (TBP) is a strong polar solvent used in the production of solutions of synthetic resins and natural rubber. In both cellulose based plastics and synthetic resins, TBP is used as a flame-retarding plasticizer. TBP is employed as a pasting agent for pigment pastes. Due to the limited influence of temperature on the viscosity of TBP, it also serves as an important component in the manufacture of hydraulic fluids for aircraft. As a very strong wetting agent, Tributyl phosphate (TBP) is used in the textile industry and in the field of adhesives. As a neutral extractant it is able to extract both acids and metal cations.


· Colourless

· Odourless

· Efficient

· Highly effective

· Longer shelf life



  • Chroma, APHA : ≤ 10
  • Refractive index : ———–
  • Acid value, mg KOH/g : ≤ 0.05
  • Moisture (H2O), % : ≤ 0.05
  • Density (20° C), g/ml : 0.975 – 0.978
  • Assay, % : ≥ 99.5
  • Loss on heat 105° C/3hr : ≤ 1


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