Isopropyl Acetate (IPAC)

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We are a company which is engaged in the Import and the Distribution of a wide range of products such as the Isopropyl Acetate and a range of other chemicals and solvents which are high on demand in the market and they have been priced at very reasonable rates in the market. Isopropyl Acetate offers a high performance to the customers and they are used for a wide range of applications. These chemicals are delivered to the customers on time and they are carefully packaged.


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Applications :-

1) Solvent for coatings
2) Dehydrating agent of acetic acid
3) Pharmaceutical Applications
4) For manufacturing High Quality Printing Inks
4) Extractant and Flavor


General information of Isopropyl Acetate:

1) Sampling : As per sampling plan mentioned in the sampling SOP

2) Total composite sample : 50 ml

Quantity of sample for analysis : 25 ml

Reserved sample : 25 ml

Storage : Lab ambient conditions

3) Retest period : 360 days

4) Structure : CH3-COO.CH-(CH3)2

5) Molecular formula : C5H10O2

6) Molecular weight : 102

7) Chemical name : Isopropyl Acetate

8) Density at 25oc : 0.872 gm/ml

9) Boiling point : 89.8oc

10) CAS no. : 108-21-4


Specifications of Isopropyl Acetate :

1) Description : Clear, colorless liquid

2) Identification : The retention time of main peak in sample chromatogram (By GC ) shall match with the retention time of main peak in standard chromatogram obtained from ‘Purity by GC’ test

3) Acidity : Not more than 0.1 %

4) Moisture (KF) : Not more than 0.1 %

5) Purity by GC : Not less than 99.0%


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