Dioctyl Adipate (DOA)


Leveraging on the skills of our talented and expert professionals, we have been able to provide an excellent quality collection of Dioctyl Adipate. The chemicals provided by us are procured from the genuine vendors of the market who are widely reckoned for their product quality. Due to their high reliability and precise composition, the provided products are highly acclaimed in the market. Besides, our clients can obtain these chemicals at very low prices. We are one of the prominent importers & suppliers of Dioctyl Adipate in India.

Dioctyl Adipate is a typical cold-resistant plasticizing agent with high plasticizing efficiency at high temperature, small color changing rate at heated condition, applicable to polychloroethene, chlorovinyl copolymer, polystyrene, synthetic rubber as well as many kinds of resins. Dioctyl Adipate enable products to have good low-temperature softness, light resistance, and good handle. Dioctyl Adipate can be used with DOP, DBP etc. In cold-resistant agricultural membranes, packing membranes for refrigerated foodstuffs, covering layers of wires and cables, artificial leather, plank materials, water pipeline etc.


Applications :

  • It is used alone or in combination with other plasticizers in PVC applications where low temperature performance i s desired
  • It is also used in the manufacture of food packaging PVC products
  • It has good resistance to light and heat
  • In plastisol applications, it exhibits low initial viscosity and excellent storage stability.
  • It has slow gelation used as a fuel in rocket propellant
  • It is considered as alternative plasticizer in place of phthalate esters


  • High performance
  • Optimum quality
  • Defect free


  • Color : 20 HU
  • Refractive Index : 1.446
  • Volatile Loss : 0.09%
  • Ester Value : 303.55
  • Acidity : 0.00%
  • Moisture : 0.08%
  • Purity : 99.5
  • Density : 0.924 – 0.929


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