HSC 1100


HSC 1100 is a Unmodified Medium Viscosity Liquid Epoxy Resin based on Bisphenol A & Epichlorohydrin. HSC  1100 is a basic epoxy resin which is usually used for various application in the industry. This is a standard Epoxy Resin which can be used cured at ambient cure conditions with variety of curing agents such as Polyamines, polyamides, amidoamines, cycloalipatic amines, phenalkamines etc and at elevated temperature cure conditions (Anydrides or other catalytic curing agent).


Applications of HSC 1100:

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Paints
  • Civil & Building
  • Adhesives
  • Casting & Tooling
  • Potting & Encapsulation
  • Composites
  • High Solid Coatings or Solvent Free Coatings
  • Marine & Protective Coating
  • Granite, Marbles
  • Mortars, Grouts & Crack Filling



  • Excellent Mechanical Strength
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
  • Good Electrical Properties
  • Better Adhesion
  • Outstanding Thermal Characteristics


Technical Specifications of HSC 1100:

Product SpecificationUnitsValue
AppearanceVisualClear Liquid
Epoxy Equivalent Weightg/Eq184-194
Densityg/ cc1.15±0.05
Hydrolysable ChlorinePpmMax 500
Shelf LifeMonths24



HSC 1100 Epoxy Resin is available in bulk packing of drums, IBC’s and container. For handling and pumping the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80˚C.


Handling & Storage Safety:

Following instructions needs to be followed strictly.

  1. Keep working conditions clean. Allow fresh air in, if possible provide ventilator.
  2. Avoid contact with human body directly, wear gloves and other personal protective equipment.
  3. Wash hands carefully with soap. If possible wash with acetone and alcohol first, then soap and water.
  4. In case of eye contact, wash with running water for 15 minutes and then seek medical treatment.

HSC 1100 should be stored at room temperature free of moisture, in the original containers kept tightly closed. If haziness or crystallises is observed on opening the can, warm the resin at 45-50ºC with stirring to bring back to original conditions. Container once opened should be tightly closed to avoid contamination by foreign materials.

Refer MSDS for better instruction on Safety & Handling.

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    Quality parallel / equivalent to Aditya Birla YD128 & Atul’s B11. One of the best manufacturer of HSC 1100.

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