Lauryl Dimethyl Amine (LDMA)


Lauryl Dimethyl Amine (LDMA) mainly consist of alkyldimethylamines with chain length C12 and C14 & is a type of Fatty Amine. It is basically a tertiary amine which is an important intermediate in many applications.  It looks like a colourless liquid. Lauryl Dimethyl Amine (LDMA) is easily soluble in alcohol & is insoluble in water. It smells like a smell of almond.



  • Surfactants
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Products (Hair Conditioners, Shampoos, Hair Care)
  • Amine Oxides
  • Disinfectants
  • Antistatic Agents
  • Amphoterics
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Synthesis of Vitamin E
  • Quaternary Ammonium Salt
  • Detergents
  • Germicides
  • Auxiliaries
  • Bleaching Agents (Textile)
  • Pour point Additives
  • Emulsifier
  • Wood Preservatives


Technical Specifications:

CAS No112-18-5
Appearance @ 25°CClear Colorless liquid
Total Amine Value242 - 260
Primary & Secondary Amine, %1.0 Max
Tertiary Amine, % (Purity)98 Min
Moisture, %0.2 Max
Color, APHA30 Max
C10 Amine & Lower Amine2.0 Max
C12 Amine65-75
C14 Amine21-31
C16 Amine & Higher Amine2.0 Max


Packaging & Storage Information:

  • 200 KGS Brand New Original Intact Barrels
  • Also available in ISO Tanks / Tanker
  • It is a sensitive product, therefore it is recommended to be stored in dark & dry conditions and original packing recommended.
  • Avoid Light & Moisture


Other Names:

  • N,N-Dimethyldodecylamine
  • Lauryl Dimethylamine
  • Tertiary Amine
  • Dimethyl Lauramine
  • C12 – C14 Tertiary Amine
  • Dimethyl Lauryl Amine
  • C12-14 Alkyl Dimethyl Amine
  • Dodecyl Dimethyl Amine
  • Alkyl Dimethyl Amine

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