Petroleum Resin GA-115B


We are engaged in offering a wide range of Petroleum Resin GA-115B , which is widely demanded in various industrial applications. The Petroleum Resin GA-115B, we offer, goes through the process of pre-treatment, polymerisation and distillation.

It is a C9 aromatic hydrocarbon used in industrial applications. It has a tackifying effect and is suitable for use in paint, printing ink, adhesives, rubber and other areas where tackiness is required.

It is a kind of thermal plasticising hydrocarbon resin produced by C5, C9 fraction, by-products of petroleum cracking, through pre-treatment, polymerisation and distillation. It is not a high polymer but a low polymer with the molecular weight between 300-3000. Featured by acid value, easy mutual solubility, resistant to water, resistant to ethanol and chemicals. It has the chemical stabilising property to acid and alkaline, viscosity adjusting and thermal stabilising, Generally, the petroleum resin GA-115B are not used independently, but have to be used together with other kinds of resins as promoters, adjusting agents and modifiers.

It is also called by the name of Hydrocarbon Resin GA-115B. We have C9 Hydrocarbon Resin GA-115B & C5 Hydrocarbon Resin Ready Stock Available as we are regularly importing & distributing this product across India.



  • Outstanding Solubility / Dispersible in Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Esters and Chlorinated Solvents.
  • Chemical stabilising property
  • Viscosity adjusting
  • Longer shelf life



  • Alkyd Paints
  • Aluminium Paints
  • Varnishes (Like Copal Varnish & Other Varnishes)
  • Modified Epoxy Paints
  • Primer
  • Hot Melt EVA Base
  • Adhesive Solvent Application
  • Rubber Accelerators
  • Heat Set Ink
  • Cold Set Ink
  • Asphalt
  • PVC Tile
  • Perfumes
  • Made available as per application requirements
  • Standard formulation
  • Rubber tires


Technical Specifications:

PropertiesSpecification (Range)Test Method
Softening Point (R&B), ℃115+/-5ASTM E28
Color, Gardner
50% resin solid in toluene
15 max.ASTM D1544
Relative Density or Specific Gravity @ 25℃1.05 - 1.10ASTM D71
Acid Value, KOH mg/g0.1max.ASTM D664
Bromine Number, Br g/100g40 max.ASTM D1159
Ash Content0.05% MaxASTM D2415


Packaging & Storage Information:

  • 25 KGS Brand New Original Bags
  • It is a sensitive product, therefore it is recommended to be stored in dark & dry conditions and original packing recommended.
  • Avoid Light & Moisture


Pricing of this particular product is dynamic & keeps changing because of the dynamic currency exchange rate.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Regularly buying Petroleum Resin GA115B from them. I would highly recommend chemex as manufacturer and supplier of Petroleum Resin because of their honest approach towards business. Used it for paints manufacturing, worked like charm in our process.

    Cheers Team ??

  2. 5 out of 5

    Subhash Soni

    Buying this product from them since more than 17 years. Very consistent importer and supplier of GA115B Petroleum Resin. You will get material from them anytime. I am successfully using it as a tackifier in my paints production. They have got a perfect package for the paint industry. Strongly Recommended this importer.

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