Epoxy Adhesive


Epoxy Adhesive is a chemical compound produced by blending epoxy resin (part a) & hardener (part b) in a particular proportionate ratio. After mixing the part a & part b there is process initiated where in there is a reaction in molecular chain resulting into an exothermic reaction. The curing time of epoxy adhesive depends totally on the type of application to be served. Curing procedure of this product highly depends on the temperature of the working environment. These Epoxy Adhesives are demanded where a strong bond is required. Right choice of resin & hardener allows you to modify the desired properties like Chemical Resistance, Mechanical Strength, Electric Properties & so on. These 2 component systems are majorly used in Construction Industry. Epoxy Adhesives are available in various grades depending on application, cure time / drying time, hardness, Required Tensile Strength.



  • Crystal Clear (Water Like Clear on Substrate)
  • Room Temperature Curing
  • High Shear Strength
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
  • Good Pot Life



  • Lamination
  • Clear Adhesive (Superior Clarity on Substrates)
  • Imitation Jewellery (Glass like transparent coating)
  • Metal to Metal bonding
  • Metal to Non-Metal bonding
  • Glass to Glass bonding
  • Plastic to Plastic bonding
  • Wood
  • Concrete


Application Procedure for Lamination / Clear Adhesive:

  1. Clean the surface of metal for dust, dirt & other particles by properly washing. Slight wipe with solvent can also help.
  2. Mix Resin & Hardener & apply properly on the substrate to be bonded or as a coating.
  3. Give an induction time of 2-5 minutes prior to application on substrate.


Application Procedure for other Bonding Solutions:

  1. The joint surface must be thoroughly degreased with a good degreasing solvent
    (e.g. acetone, toluene or trichloro-ethlylene).
  2. Ensure all oil, dirt and grease is removed. Alcohol or paint thinner use for such purpose is restricted. Surface can also be abraded with coarse emery paper or chemically etched for superior bonding. In case of abrasion please further carry out degreasing before applying adhesive.
  3. Mix the resin and hardener in required ratio. The mixed mass is applied by brush or spatula to the pre-treated joint surface. The two surfaces are then assembled in a suitable jig or fixture with just contact pressure until the adhesive sets. Optimum layer of 0.1mm to 0.2mm gives best lap shear results.


Epoxy Adhesive Technical Specifications:

Slow CureFast CureClear Adhesive / Lamination
Resin Viscosity, cPs30000-6000030000-6000010000-14000
Hardener Viscosity, cPs20000-4000020000-400005000-8000
Mixing Ratio, Parts by weight100:80100:80100:50
Mixing Ratio, Parts by volume100:100100:100100:50
Mix Viscosity, cPs30000-5000030000-450008000-12000
Mix Color, VisualOpaque slight yellowOpaque slight yellowCrystal Clear
Pot Life, Minutes90-120 Minutes60-90 Minutes30-40 Minutes
Touch Drying time6-8 hours5-7 hours3-4 hours
Through Curing16h RT+4h 80ºC or 7 days full cure16h RT+4h 80ºC or 7 days full cure24h RT+ 7 days full cure
Hardness, Shore D65-7570-8070
Tensile Shear Strength, Typical Values12-15 MPa10-13 MPa8-10 MPa
Water Absorption, %Max 1Max 1Max 2
SystemPolyamide based thixotropic system slow curePolyamide based thixotropic system fast cureAmine based clear system quick cure for variety of adhesives and lamination
PackingResin: 1Kg, 5Kg, 30Kg, 50Kg, 225Kg

Hardener: 0.8Kg, 4Kg, 40Kg, 180Kg
Resin: 1Kg, 5Kg, 30Kg, 50Kg, 225Kg

Hardener: 0.8Kg, 4Kg, 40Kg, 190Kg
Resin: 0.5Kg, 1Kg

Hardener: 200gm, 500gm



  • Part A & Part B should be stored away from light & heat.
  • Partly emptied containers should be immediately closed after use to avoid exposure to light & heat.
  • Shelf life is around 1 year for both part a & part b.


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