Epoxy Hardener


Riding with an experience of more than 3 decades we are serving this industry with a wide variety of Epoxy Hardeners in India. Our primary focus is to cater our customers with the best of best quality products. These Epoxy hardeners are highly required in Epoxy Floor Coating Industries, Marble Coatings, Powder Coatings, Electrical Insulation Industries, Composites, Paints & Coating and some other chemical industries. We are one of the leading Importers & Suppliers of Epoxy Hardener in India.

Application for Epoxy Hardener is done by Mixing & Blending Epoxy Resin (Part A) with Epoxy Hardener (Part B) which then reacts with each other & generates a solution. We offer a wide range of epoxy hardener color options, from dark shades to crystal clear. Depending on the requirements, the solution can be either a transparent appearance or pigment can be added to them later to get the desired results.

Epoxy Hardener
Epoxy Hardener


Types of Epoxy Hardeners

  • Phenalkamines: Phenalkamines are Mannich-type epoxy hardeners that originate from biobased CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid). This unique molecular structure imparts several advantageous characteristics to these hardeners, making them particularly suitable for demanding environments. We offer a range of Phenalkamines available in varying colors (shades) from light to dark colors.
  • Polyamides: These epoxy hardeners are derived from polyamide resins, which are created by the reaction of dimer acids with polyamines. Polyamides are a type of curing agents used in conjunction with epoxy resins to form strong, durable, and chemically resistant materials. They facilitate the cross-linking process, leading to a hardened, durable material. Polyamide hardeners are known for their flexibility, chemical resistance, and ability to cure at room temperature.
  • Cycloaliphatic Amines: Cycloaliphatic hardeners are a type of curing agent, derived from cyclic aliphatic compounds. These hardeners are characterized by their ring-like molecular structures, which provide unique properties to the cured epoxy materials.
  • Polyether Amines: Polyether amine hardeners are curing agents, consisting of polyether chains terminated with amine groups. They are derived from a distinctive blend of polyether and amine compounds. These hardeners are known for their flexibility and versatility. Polyether amine epoxy hardeners are valued for their ability to create tough, resilient epoxy systems that perform well in demanding conditions.
  • Phenolic Epoxy Hardeners: Phenolic curing agents, derived from phenolic compounds. They can be used with Poly-Functional Epoxies.
  • Polyamidoamines: Polyamidoamine hardeners are curing agents, derived from the reaction of polyamines with dimerized fatty acids.
  • Anhydride Epoxy Hardeners: Anhydride epoxy curing agents are a type of curing agent, derived from organic anhydrides. Anhydrides are low-viscosity hardeners with high latency and low heat generation during epoxy curing. They provide excellent mechanical and dielectric properties, making them ideal for potting and bonding electrical components, such as high voltage transformers, switches, resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and castings. They are also used in fiberglass-reinforced parts.
Types of Epoxy Hardeners
Types of Epoxy Hardeners – Epoxy Hardeners in India


Applications of Epoxy Hardener

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings Industry
  • Electrical Insulation Industry
  • Composites & FRP Industry
  • Surface tolerant primers for metallic substrates
  • Solvent free, high solid coatings
  • Pipeline & tank coatings
  • Marine & industrial coatings
  • Marble Coatings
  • Surface Coatings
  • Grouts
  • Primers
  • Screed
  • Top Coats
  • Electrical Transformers, Capacitors, Switches, Resistors, Circuits.
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced parts
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced components


Features of Epoxy Hardener

  • Crystal Clear Water Like Appearance
  • Very good compatibility with
    1. Epoxy resin based on bisphenol-A
    2. Based on bisphenol F
    3. Phenolic Novolacs
    4. Most of the organic solvents & their combinations
  • Excellent rapid cure even at low temperatures
  • Good chemical solvent & water resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Very good flexibility
  • Workable pot life
  • Non-critical mixing ratios
  • Excellent curing under humid & damp conditions
  • Water Based Epoxy System Available
  • Good adhesion to mechanically cleaned surfaces
  • Precisely processed
  • Long shelf life


Grades of Epoxy Hardeners


Transparent Epoxy Hardener
Transparent Epoxy Hardener

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 Packaging & Handling

  • Original Intact Sealed Barrels – Standard Pack Size
  • Available in small pack size as per special requests (Not Assured)
  • To be stored in a dry environment
Epoxy Hardener Appearance
Epoxy Hardener Appearance


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