Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent


Epotec TH 7301 is a cycloaliphatic polyamine hardener that has been specially formulated to be used in conjunction with liquid epoxy resins, such as Epoxy Resin YD 128. This low viscosity, this crystal clear (like water) hardener / curing agent is designed to produce solvent-free, room temperature curable thermoset coatings and floor toppings. By properly formulating it with Epoxy Resin, one can achieve a glossy, air-free surface that is crystal clear. Furthermore, it imparts resistance to a broad range of chemicals, such as acids, alkalies, hydrocarbons, and water.

Thanks to its cycloaliphatic nature, Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent also delivers outstanding weather resistance. Furthermore, it has a low odor and is less irritating, while offering exceptional transparency and light color. The hardener is a blend of amines and catalysts that react with the epoxy resin in the base component to form a tough, durable coating that is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, abrasion, and impact.

The TH 7301 Hardener is designed to be used with the Epoxy Resin YD 128 in a 2:1 mixing ratio. When the two components are combined, a chemical reaction occurs that triggers the curing process. The hardener works by catalyzing the reaction between the epoxy resin and the curing agents in the base component, which causes the resin to crosslink and harden into a durable, protective coating.


Applications of Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent :

  • Industrial flooring / Epoxy Floor Coating: Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent is an excellent choice for industrial flooring / floor coating applications, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and chemical processing plants. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment, resist abrasion, and resist chemical spills and exposure.
  • Tank linings: Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent is also used as a tank lining for industrial and chemical storage tanks. Its high chemical resistance makes it ideal for protecting the tank against corrosion and chemical damage.
  • Marine coatings: It is used in marine coatings to protect the hulls of ships and boats from corrosion, abrasion, and fouling. It is also used as a protective coating for offshore oil and gas platforms.
  • Concrete protection: It is commonly used to protect concrete structures, such as bridges, dams, and tunnels, from environmental exposure and chemical attack.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide a hygienic and chemically resistant coating for processing equipment and storage tanks.
  • Primers & Screeds: It is also used in the production of primers and screeds for various applications such as industrial and commercial flooring systems. The hardener is used to improve the adhesion, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance of the primers and screeds. Primers are applied to the substrate before the application of the final flooring system to improve the adhesion between the substrate and the flooring system. Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent is added to the primer to improve its mechanical properties and chemical resistance. Screeds are applied to the substrate to provide a level surface for the final flooring system. It is added to the screed to improve its mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and adhesion to the substrate. It is also used in the production of self-leveling screeds. Self-leveling screeds are used to provide a level surface for the final flooring system without the need for additional leveling.
  • Transparent & 3D Coatings: When mixed appropriately with the resin, it gives excellent clarity, gloss, and hardness, making them suitable for high-end transparent applications. Also, used in the production of 3D coatings for various applications such as decorative and functional coatings.
  • Mortars, Linings & Grouts: It is used for production of mortars for various applications such as repairing and resurfacing concrete structures, flooring, and walls. The hardener is added to the mortar to improve its mechanical properties. Also, used in the production of linings for various applications such as tanks, pipes, and ducts. It is used in the production of grouts for various applications such as anchoring and grouting of machinery and equipment. The resulting grouts have excellent compressive strength, chemical resistance, and durability, making them suitable for various applications.
  • Thermoset Coatings: It is often used as a hardener in room temperature curable thermoset coatings. One of the key advantages is its fast cure time, which allows for quicker processing and turnaround times. The use of this hardener can also help to reduce yellowing in the finished coating, which is important in applications where the appearance of the coating is critical.


Benefits of Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent :

  • Excellent Transparency
  • Low Viscosity
  • Enhanced mechanical properties
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Water white color
  • Versatile Hardener / Curing Agent
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Good impact resistance


Technical Specifications / Technical Data Sheet / TDS of Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent :

AppearanceVisualCrystal Clear
ColourASTM D 1544-041 G max.
Viscosity @25ºCASTM D 2196-05270 - 380 cP
Pot LifeTEC-AS-P-11128 – 45 min
Density @25ºCASTM D 1475-981.03 g/cc
Amine valueDIN 16945300 – 320 mg KOH/g
AHEW---~ 115
PHR with epotec YD
128 (EEW ~ 190 g/eq)
---60 wt. %
Flash pointASTM D 93100ºC
Thin film set time-6 – 8 hr
Glass transition
DIN 1135750°C
Tensile strengthASTM D 638-86510 kg/cm2
Flexural strengthASTM D 638-86890 kg/cm2
Compressive strengthASTM D 695-85650 kg/cm2


Packaging & Storage Information:

  • 200 kilograms of brand new intact barrels
  • Alternative pack sizes can be obtained upon request
  • To ensure the quality and longevity of Epotec TH 7301 | Hardener | Curing Agent, it is recommended that the product be stored in its original container, which should be tightly closed. The storage area should be dry and cool, as exposure to moisture and heat may cause viscosity increase, frothing, and deposition of white carbonation products, which can negatively impact the appearance of the final coating or floor topping.If the product is exposed to air and moisture absorption occurs, it is important to take necessary precautions to address the issue before using the product. However, if the product is stored in its original container and under recommended conditions, it should have a storage life of at least one year from the date of manufacturing.


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