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Chemex is a group with an experience of more than 3 decades in Epoxy Industry. We are serving this industry with a wide variety of Modified / Unmodified Liquid / Solid Epoxy Resins & Epoxy Curing Agent in India. We strive hard to deliver our best and furnish our customers with supreme quality products. We have an entire range of Epoxy Curing Agents which we are offering to our Valued customer in Epoxy Floor Coating Industries, Marble Coatings, Powder Coatings, Electrical Insulation Industries and some other chemical industries. We are one of the leading Importers & Suppliers of Epoxy Curing Agent in India. Also, we have some specialised products for 3D Floor Coatings in India.


Epoxy Floor Coatings are produced by Mixing & Blending Epoxy Resin (Part A) with Epoxy Hardener (Part B) with a particular ration which then reacts with each other & produces a solution which is suitable to be applied onto the surface which is likely to be coated. Our Epoxy Resins & Curing Agents are Crystal Clear (Water like transparent) and can be used to produce premium floor coatings. Depending on the requirements these coatings can be manufactured with either a transparent appearance or pigment can be added to them later to get the desired results. We can also arrange to customise the product as per the customer Requirements so as to achieve a certain characteristics or Cost Effectiveness.

Applications of Epoxy Curing Agent:

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Surface tolerant primers for metallic substrates
  • Solvent free, high solid coatings
  • Pipeline & tank coatings
  • Marine & industrial coatings
  • Marble Coatings
  • Powder Coatings
  • Surface Coatings
  • Electrical Insulation Industry


Features of Epoxy Curing Agent:

  • Crystal Clear Water Like Appearance
  • Very good compatibility with
    1. Epoxy resin based on bisphenol A
    2. Based on bisphenol F
    3. Phenolic Novolacs
    4. Most of the organic solvents & their combinations
  • Excellent rapid cure even at low temperatures
  • Good chemical solvent & water resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Very good flexibility
  • Workable pot life
  • Non-critical mixing ratios
  • Excellent curing under humid & damp conditions
  • Water Based Epoxy System Available
  • Good adhesion to mechanically cleaned surfaces
  • Precisely processed
  • Long shelf life


Range of Epoxy Curing Agents:


Other Products for Epoxy Floor Coatings:


 Packaging & Handling:

  • Original Intact Sealed Barrels
  • Available in small pack size as per special requests (Not Assured)
  • To be stored in a dry environment

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