Epotec YD 011 X 75 Epoxy Resin


Epotec YD 011 X 75 is a solvent cut Epoxy Resin that is widely used in various industrial applications. Epotec YD 011 X 75 Epoxy Resin is a solution of unmodified low molecular weight solid
diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A resin in xylene. The dissolution of Epotec YD 011X 75 in xylene facilitates ease of handling. This epoxy resin has a unique chemical structure that provides excellent adhesion, durability, and resistance to chemicals and weathering. Its excellent chemical and mechanical properties make it an ideal choice for use in environments that are exposed to chemicals, solvents, and abrasion. The solvent cut formulation of this epoxy resin provides excellent penetration and wetting properties, making it easy to apply to surfaces.


Applications of Epotec YD 011 X 75 Epoxy Resin:

  1. Solvent based anti-corrosive coatings: This Epoxy Resin is a high-performance epoxy resin, which is commonly used as a coating material in the solvent-based anti-corrosion coating industry. When used for anti corrosive coatings it provides excellent adhesion, Corrosion resistance, Chemical resistance & outstanding Mechanical properties. It has exceptional mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, flexibility, and impact resistance. These properties make it ideal for use in coatings that are subject to mechanical stress, such as coatings used in heavy-duty industrial applications.
  2. Marine Paints: Marine paints are specially formulated coatings that are designed to provide protection to ships, boats, and other marine structures from the harsh marine environment. It is typically used as a base component in marine paints due to its excellent adhesion, water resistance, and chemical resistance properties. Epotec YD 011 X 75 Epoxy Resin provides a durable and long-lasting protective coating that can withstand exposure to saltwater, UV radiation, and other harsh environmental conditions. It also has a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content, which makes it an environmentally friendly option for marine coatings.
  3. Industrial Paints: Industrial paints are specially formulated coatings that are used in various industries for protection, decoration, and other purposes. It provides a strong & long-lasting bond with the substrate, and protective coatings that can withstand exposure to Hazardous Chemicals. In addition to its protective properties, It also provides excellent color retention, which makes it an ideal choice for industrial paints that are exposed to sunlight and weathering. It can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as metal coatings, flooring, and concrete coatings.
  4. Adhesives: It is typically used in adhesives due to its excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties. It provides a strong, long-lasting bond that can withstand exposure to toxic chemicals, solvents, and other environmental conditions. In addition to its bonding properties, It also provides excellent resistance to water, heat, and impact, which makes it an ideal choice to be used in adhesives.
  5. Laminates: Laminates are materials that consist of multiple layers of materials that are bonded together to form a strong and durable composite. It is typically used in laminates as a matrix material due to its excellent mechanical properties, such as high strength and stiffness. It provides a strong and durable matrix that can withstand the stresses and strains of use in various applications. In addition to its mechanical properties, It also provides excellent adhesion to various reinforcement materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar. This makes it an ideal choice for laminates used in various applications


Benefits of Epotec YD 011 X 75 Epoxy Resin:

  • Low molecular Mass
  • Easy to Handle
  • Versatility
  • Easily cured with wide range of curing agents (Amines, Amides, Phenalkamines)
  • Provides superior flexibility and drying properties in comparison to coatings made from liquid epoxy resin.
  • Improved workability
  • Faster curing time
  • Cost-effective


Technical Specifications / Technical Data Sheet / TDS of Epotec YD 011 X 75 Epoxy Resin:

AppearanceVisualClear, colourless to light
yellow liquid free of suspended particles
ColourASTM D 1544-040.5 G max.
Epoxy Equivalent
ASTM D 1652-04450 - 500 g/eq
Viscosity @25ºCASTM D 2196-058,000 - 13,000 cP
Non-VolatileASTM D 1259-0674-76 %
Epoxide ValueASTM D 1652-042.00 - 2.22
Density @25ºCASTM D 1475-981.07 g/ml
Water contentASTM E 203-010.5 % max.
Flash pointASTM D 9330 ºC


Packaging & Storage Information:

  • 220 kilograms of brand new intact steel barrels
  • It should be stored in original tightly closed container, in dry and warm conditions to avoid crystallization. Under these conditions, it has a storage life of at least two  years from the date of manufacturing. Epotec YD 011 X 75 Epoxy Resin may become hazy or crystallize upon long storage especially when exposed to low temperatures. The resin can be restored to its original condition by warming to 55-60ºC while stirring. For handling or pumping the maximum temperature recommended is 80ºC.


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