HSC 2300


HSC 2300 is an unmodified solid epoxy resin with a medium molecular weight based on Bisphenol-A. It comes in the form of flakes. HSC 2300 Solid Epoxy Resin is generally used for aesthetic powder coatings. Suitable for formulation of powder coatings when cured with variety of curing agents such as phenolic resins, Novolacs, acid anhydride, saturated polyesters and dicyandiamide. We are one of the prominent importers, distributors & suppliers of HSC 2300 (Solid Epoxy Resin for Powder Coatings).


  • Pure Epoxy Powder coatings
  • Automotive primer
  • Maintenance coatings
  • Electrical insulation coatings
  • Anticorrosion pipe
  • Rebar coatings.



  • Superior melt viscosity
  • Superior flow and gloss
  • Good toughness
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Better Storage Stability
  • Good Impact Strength


Technical Specifications of Solid Epoxy Resin HSC 2300:

  • Appearance (Visual): Clear Flakes
  • Color (Gardener): <1
  • Solution Viscosity (cPs): 435 – 550
  • Epoxy Equivalent Weight (g/Eq): 740 – 860
  • Epoxide Value (Eq/Kg): 1.16 – 1.35
  • Density (g/cc): 1.15±0.05
  • Softening Point (˚C): 93 – 101
  • Shelf Life (Months): 24



  • HSC 2300 is available in 25 Kgs Bags.


Handling & Storage Safety:

Following instructions needs to be followed strictly.

  1. Keep working conditions clean. Allow fresh air in, if possible provide ventilator.
  2. Avoid contact with human body directly wear gloves and other personal protective equipment.
  3. Wash hands carefully with soap. If possible wash with acetone and alcohol first, then soap and water.
  4. In case of eye contact, wash with running water for 15 minutes and then seek medical treatment.

This product should be stored at room temperature free of moisture, in the original containers kept tightly closed. If haziness or crystallises is observed on opening the can, warm the resin at 45-50ºC with stirring to bring back to original conditions. Container once opened should be tightly closed to avoid contamination by foreign materials.

Refer MSDS for better instruction on Safety & Handling. Kindly contact ur for further information on pricing & availability.


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